Shipwreck Golem (80mm base), Archvillain Games, Dungeons and dragons, Pathfinder, RPG, Trench


Beautiful miniature from Archvillain Games' current Patreon release, ideal for your campaign/adventure or as a display unit. details are amazingly insane, it is made with high-quality resin and will come in several pieces(for safety reasons) but it is easy to assemble with superglue, the miniature will arrive cleaned, cured, and with all supports removed(minimal clean-up might be required), it will be not ready for priming and painting.
We will answer any questions you may have ASAP, just send us a message :)

This highly detailed miniature is from Archvillain Games (,
MayoMiniatures is fully licensed to print and sell all of Archvillain Games' miniatures.