Morlock Predator • The Trench: Abyssal Depths • Archvillian Games • 3D Printed Fantasy Miniature • D&D / Pathfinder /


Morlock predator, an amazing miniature from the newest release from the archvillain games, ideal for your tabletop adventure or just as a display.
This miniature will arrive to you in three parts(for safety reasons) but it is easy to assemble with superglue it will be cleaned, cured, and with all supports removed, it will be ready for priming and painting.

In MayoMiniatures we use high-quality resin and 8k printers.

We will answer any questions you may have ASAP, just send us a message :)

This highly detailed miniature is from Archvillain Games (,
MayoMiniatures is fully licensed to print and sell all of Archvillain Games' miniatures.